Installing Live helper chat

Last modification: 2013-10-07 17:37:22

First thing you have to do is point your browser to installed directory like http://<install_domain>/<install_path>/index.php/install/install/. Actually it should be enough just point your browser to web directory like

If for some reason you get an error like "No input file specified" read this article

P.s These screenshots are outdated but workflow is the same.

After pointing your browser to this URL you will see window like this.

At the second step of the installation you will have to fulfill database settings

At the third step of the installation you will have to provide the basic configuration.

At the last step of installation you will see window screenshot provided below

If application was already installed you will see screenshot provided below

Support project

Developing application takes a lot of time. You can support application by donating. There is no company behind this application and it takes away my free time. Every donation matters and does not matter how small it is!

Paypal, one time donation
Monthly donation

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