How to make unbranded version of Live Helper Chat?

Last modification: 2014-07-01 19:55:51

There is two options to unbrand

  • Use themes and restyle basic things from back office
  • Use unbranding extension and modify all required files by hand

For majority of users I suggest just use theming features for restyling.

In order to unbrand esility Live Helper Chat we have a module for that. So unbranding takes just few steps.

Download "unbrand" extension from and put it in extension folder.

Before making any changes please make sure that you have disabled a cache. Also it's would be nice if you read about debug output.

Activate unbrand extension in settings/settings.ini.php

'extensions' =>
          array (
            0 => 'unbrand',

Modify "extension/unbrand/design/unbrandtheme/tpl/pagelayouts/parts" templates

It's just enough write your own company copyright tag and replace images in "extension/unbrand/design/unbrandtheme/images". I have put all brand related images, favicon.ico, notificaiton icon and logo for back office and front office.

Don't forget to change some settings in back office.

Also enable cache after you finished all changes.


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