How to use themes?

Last modification: 2015-01-04 18:58:18

Since 2.02v we have themes for widgets.

If you want to see how themes can look like check our free themes category.

How do I import a theme?

Navigation to "System configuration" -> "Live help configuration" -> "Import new theme" in this window just uploade new theme.

How do I apply imported theme?

  • You can set default theme in Configuration -> Live Chat configuration -> Default theme
  • Also you can apply themes individually to embed code by selecting combobox in widget generation window. So you can just choose which theme widget should use.

How do i pass theme to start chat window?

Theme argument is /(theme)/<theme_id> so you can just manually write what theme should use. E.g index.php/chat/startchat/(theme)/2

I have created a theme and want to share with community where should I send a theme file?

Just send it to me.

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