I'm offline/online but my site shows that i'm online/offline?

Last modification: 2018-04-27 07:44:25

Few possible cases

You are offline but page shows that you are online

  • You have setup department online hours, and chat just shows status based on that.
  • There is 5 minits timeout before chat status change to offline. It's time before last time operator was seen. This can be changed in chat configuraiton. I suggest do not keep it shorter than 30 seconds.
  • By default to see new operator status it's required page view. If you do not want that you can enable automatic status change

You are online but web page shows that you are offline

  • You have checked in chat configuration "Ignore users online statuses and use department online hours", but you forgot to active online hours in department.

How it is decided to show online/offline user?

  • Visitor can be assigned to Individual department, Department or Department Group
  • By checking is someone online we first check was department provided or not
  • If department id is or not provided we decide to show widget or not based on this workflow
    • We check is someone online from directly assigned operators or someone with all departments assigned
    • If we did not found any, we check is department online hours provided.
    • We also check is department overloaded or not
    • We check that is online and have write access to specific department or atleast one
  • Operators themself can have two statuses
    • Online/Offline - is operator online or not
    • Visible/Invisible - if operator opens pending chat being in invisbile mode. Chat is not assigned to him and chat does not change status


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