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Last modification: 2014-11-30 15:39:54

Since 1.38v we are capable to show users message if certain criteria are met

  • Live Helper Chat in which user is visiting site. siteaccess or language in other words. Usefull if for different language visitors you want to show different messages.
  • Number of pageviews
  • Time on site. Session lasts for 30 minits.
  • Identifier, by this identifier you can filter for what embed codes this invitation is active. During embed code generaetion you have to use same identifier. That way you can have separate messages for separate identifiers.

In the future if there will be any wishes we should be able to show messages based on user location. Let say some radius from admin selected location.

Example workflow with identifier

Let say we have two domains. and so here are the steps we have to do to have different messages for different domains

  1. Generate embed code and in identifier field put example1_com for domain
  2. Generate embed code and in identifier field put example2_com for domain
  3. Now got to proactive messages list and create new
    1. For domain in identifier field enter example1_com as identifier. All others paratemers you can choose which you want.
    2. For domain in identifier field enter example2_com as identifier. All others paratemers you can choose which you want.

That's all. Different domains will show different messages. Using this trick you can also show different messages not only by domain, but also by language etc.


How do I test my invitation rules?

Just find yourself in online visitors list and delete your row. Nxt time you refresh a page you will be seen as a new visitor.

I do not get any invitations?

Make sure your invitation matches generated embed code rules. E.g

  • Department - if you have chosen department in embed code but did not assigned any to invitation rules. If you have not assigned any department in widget code genration make sure proactive invitation also has none
  • Make sure languages matches. E.g you made invitation with language /eng but site is /fre
  • In general - try to follow install tutorial.

How proactive messages retargeting works?

Proactive messages retargeting. In returning message field you can enter {nick}, if we will find a previous chat associated with this online user, nick from previous chat will be used if not proactive invitation nick field value will be used.

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