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Last modification: 2014-08-31 18:04:05

There I have prepared ubuntu snapshot running sevabot, there is everything configured except skype username and password. 

Price for this snapshot and initial configuration with Live Helper Chat sevabot plugin is 150$

This which will be done for this ammount

  1. Sevabot snapshot configuration with your provded skype username and password.
  2. Sevabot extension installation and verification that all works with your sevabot digital ocean snapshot.

Price just for snapshot and configuration following this tutorial will be done by you is 50$, no support included just image transfer. Here is tutorial from snapshot.

First you have to switch to skype user, 
su skype
The following commands are executed under skype user

1. To change skype account
~/sevabot/scripts/ start
default password for vnc is <ommited>
If you want reset it, just delete ~/.x11vnc/passwd

2. Then just login to your server using vncviewer

3. Change account login, check "Sign me in when skype starts". 
Add to friends your real skype account

4. Change sevabot SHARED_SECRET key

5. Restart everything, your vncviewer will disconnect after this
~/sevabot/scripts/ restart
If you see some errors just execute this command again.

6. With real your skype account write bot !ping, bot should resond with pong. If you do not receive message wait a little bit and try again to write !ping.
If still you do not see, start vnc server again
~/sevabot/scripts/ start
login to server again and make sure that skype is started and connected. 

If you see image like this you have to grant permission. Don't forget to check checkbox

Now repeat just !ping and also you can try to restart everything following 5 item.

6. Open in your browser http://yourPublicIp:5000/
6.1 Enter shared secret and copy chat id

7. Edit and try to send a message your real account should receive a message now.

8. Now you can close vncviewer if you have been opened it. Also you can restart your droplet to make sure that after restart everything works as expected.
/sbin/shutdown -r now

9. For additional/troubleshoot information see

10. Now you can just install
extension and lhc will inform about new chat request using sevabot.


What information i will receive from sevabot?

You will receive notification about new chat request with link to accapt chat automatically

Does sevabot supports messages to groups?

By my experimenting no.

Does this offer includes rebranding?


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