How to use commands?

Last modification: 2018-04-01 13:07:12

Commands allows using any client web, desktop or XMPP if you have configured it to execute specific actions against user.

At the moment these commands are implemented

  • !name <user name>
    • Sets user name
  • !email <email>
    • Sets user e-mail
  • !transferforce <operator username||operator email>
    • Transfer chat directly to another operator by operator username or e-mail
  • !phone <user phone>
    • Sets user phone
  • !goto <url>
    • Redirects user to specified url
  • !translate
    • Starts translation process. P.s Works only in web client.
  • !screenshot
    • Takes user screen screenshot. Then screenshot will be ready link to file will be written by system assistant.
  • !contactform
    • Redirect user to contact form
  • !block
    • Blocks user
  • !close
    • Closes a chat
  • !closed
    • Closes chat dialog, but leaves chat status as it was. Only web interface supported.
  • !delete
    • Deletes chat
  • !pending
    • Changes chat status to pending
  • !active
    • Changes chat status to active
  • !remark <your comments about a chat>
    • Add remarks to chat
  • !info
    • Returns all available information about use. Usefull in XMPP client to know more about visitor.
  • !help
    • Returns all possible commands list
  • !note <your comment>
    • Stores operator comment for future reference
  • !hold
    • Set chat status to hold status, so auto responder will be stopped.

Custom commands can be implemented in extensions also.

If you are missing some commands let me know.



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