I have embedded widget code but widget is not shown. What to do?

Last modification: 2014-02-07 18:32:55

General things you can do

  1. Make sure that you see embeded code in the site. If you embed code in template where some template engine is used like smarty. You have to escape code E.g
    {literal}Your embed code herer{/literal}

Chrome specific instructions

If you see that embed code is inserted and formated properly, but still do not see widget. Do the following actions

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+J
  2. Click on "Console" tab in opened panel. Make sure there is no errors related to Live Helper Chat
  3. Now click on network tab and search for "chat/getstatus" request. It should have returned 200 ok. I have attatched how it should look like.

Firefox specific instructions

  1. You will need firefox firebug extension
  2. Click firebug icon and make sure that console does not contain any error related to live helper chat

Now you can click Net tab and make sure there is no errors in javascript loading, like should write 200 ok


So these instructions should help you to debug your site issue. Also you may refer to this article if you get white screen

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