2.99 Performance improvements and many other small changes

Last modification: 2018-07-05 17:50:37


  1. Fix - new themes could not be saved.
  2. Updated GEO ip detection section. Freegeoip was retired by owner.
  3. Bot enhancements and subscription integration.
  4. Auto responder can take bot trigger and send's it's meta data as additional data within message. Usefull if you want to show visitor Subscribe button while visitor is waiting.
  5. Performance improvements refactoring lh_chat table indexes.
  6. Clicking subscribe button will show message in user messages window.
  7. Updating user statistic in high load environment causes table locks. Added retry to that part.
  8. Option to set referrer in google translations service integration. P.s I really need somehow find time document bot properly. So much now with it can be done...

If after update you won't see unread messages and closed chats widgets and you really need them. You will have to active them in Chat configuration section.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_174.sql

Support project

Developing application takes a lot of time. You can support application by donating. There is no company behind this application and it takes away my free time. Every donation matters and does not matter how small it is!

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