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Back office LTR (Left To Right). English
User: admin
Password: demo

Back office LTR (Right To Left). Hebrew. How to setup RTL?
User: admin
Password: demo‚Äč

Frontend, start chat on this site
OR just

Possible layout for a start chat

Multiple widgets on the same page sample 1 and sample 2. Live theme change sample (open widget and click buttons at the top of page)

Static image generation

Rest API


Mobile client


Live Helper chat instructions for mobile app -
You can use also Telegram Messenger as your mobile client to support your visitors.

Windows client:
Download (QT 5) 2020-09-29 (SSL Connectivity issue fixed) ~85MB
Download Electron version of desktop app 170MB

MacOS client:
Download (QT 5)

Browsers extensions:
Chrome extension

Live Support/Help module example

Click widget in the bottom right corner of your browser screen. This module also can be embeded directly in site.

Other information

Demo is reset every hour at 10 m. of new hour.