1. Installing Live Helper Chat including pro active chat configuration (older instructions Installing Live helper chat)
  2. Upgrading - general tutorial
  3. License
  4. Requirements
  5. Live helper chat architecture scheme
  6. Features
  7. Contributors
  8. Donators
  9. Folders structure
    1. Main folders structure
    2. Web client folders structure
  10. General functionality documentation
    1. Permission system explanation
    2. How to use paid chats?
    3. How to use product?
    4. How to use themes?
    5. How to use commands?
    6. How to configure dashboard?
    7. How to a change back/front office theme?
    8. How to use Co-Browsing?
    9. GTalk, Xabber, XMPP, Monal support
    10. Skype, Sevabot and Live Helper Chat integration
    11. Openfire, Pidgin and Live Helper Chat configuration tutorial
    12. How to enable Node.js support?
    13. How do I enable Memcached or Redis for Live Helper Chat?
    14. Supported languages
    15. Default application values
    16. Logging to application
    17. How to prefill form attributes or add new attribute, changing default form field
    18. How to pass additional variables to online visitors list.
    19. Application icons meanings
    20. Explaining Live helper chat main window
    21. Explaining clean cache purpose
    22. Integrating live helper chat HTML into site.
    23. How to install new language?
    24. How to use Google SMTP?
    25. How to use chat priority?
    26. Tracking online users
    27. Pro active chat invitation
    28. Sending messages to online users
    29. How to configure geo detection?
    30. How to block certain users by their country or allow chat request only from my selected country?
    31. Canned messages
    32. Leave a message tutorial
    33. Operator To Operator chat
    34. Auto responder
    35. Automatic transfers between departments
    36. How to use chrome extension?
    37. Integration with Google Analytics event tracking
    38. Need help tool-tip configuration
    39. How to redirect user to contact form if chat is not accepted for some time?
    40. What does invisible mode do?
    41. How to enable automatically chat reopen for user?
    42. How to setup online hours and ignore users status completely?
    43. How to go offline/online automatically?
    44. How to setup round robin/automatic chats assignment workflow?
    45. How to setup automatic chat's closing/purging?
    46. My operators can not see online visitors, what I'm missing?
    47. How to make automatic status change for frontend visitors?
    48. How to know is visitor still on my site (online)?
    49. Video tutorials?
    50. WHMCS integration
    51. How to block users from starting a chat?
    52. How to block users from appearing on online users list?
  11. Additional modules
    1. Questionary/Feedbac/Voting module
    2. FAQ module
    3. Chatbox module tutorial
    4. Chats export module
    5. Browse offers
    6. Forms module
    7. Documents sharer module
  12. How to embed Javascript
    1. Live Helper Chat live support code?
    2. Chatbox widget/page code?
    3. FAQ widget/page code?
    4. Questionary widget/code?
    5. How to embed Live Helper Chat generated javascript in wordpress?
    6. Live support for prestashop, how to embed code?
  13. Users, groups, roles, departments management
    1. Working with groups
    2. Working with roles
    3. Working with users
    4. Working with departments
  14. Chat
    1. Chat statuses
    2. Chat rooms
    3. Chat window
    4. Single chat window
    5. Chat transferring to another user
    6. Chat listing
  15. Desktop client
    1. Desktop client general information.
    2. Logging to application
    3. Desktop client main window
    4. Chat rooms
  16. Tips
    1. How to disable operators open already accepted chats from their departments?
    2. How to allow operators to delete his own chats?
    3. How do I configure LHC to have different operators and widgets for different domains?
    4. How to Report a bug properly?
  17. For developers
    1. How to switch to PostgreSQL
    2. How to use auto login module?
    3. How to write custom extension?
    4. How to configure https and http?
    5. How to enable debug output?
    6. How to use debug output?
    7. How to override templates?
    8. How to override modules?
    9. How to change sync and sound options?
    10. How to change logo?
    11. How to use Chat API module?
    12. How to compile desktop application?
    13. How to change header and footer content?
    14. How to change default application sounds?
    15. How to move chat from one location to another?
    16. How to enable cache?
    17. How to style desktop application?
    18. How to style web application?
    19. How to override a class?
    20. How to configure roles with user who has access only to him transferred chats?
    21. How to switch from LTR to RTL language, how to add RTL language?
    22. GoDaddy configuration tutorial, avoiding no input file specified error
    23. Nginx configuration tips
    24. How to override JS function?
    25. What callbacks supports Live Helper Chat
    26. How to add cronjob in extension?
    27. During some action app returns white screen, what to do?
    28. I have embedded widget code but widget is not shown. What to do?
    29. How to make unbranded version of Live Helper Chat?
    30. How to remove index.php from URL?
    31. Why there is no captcha? won't I get spam messages?
    32. I'm a owner of a web agency, can I sell it to my clients?
    33. I'm planning to build renting services, is this allowed?
    34. Some of the e-mails comes from root@localhost, where can I change that?
    35. I'm planning to write a mobile app and would like to use Desktop client API, what I have to know?
    36. I see strange characters instead of correct?
    37. I have updated translation file but still I see untranslated text?
    38. Understanding site access pattern
    39. After i have updated to 1.96v > I see strange variables instead of chats
    40. I'm offline/online but my site shows that i'm online/offline?
    41. How to change "Live Help is Online"/"Live Help is Offline" text?
    42. How to verify a user before starting a chat?
    43. How to setup LHC cronjob?
    44. How to redirect user to custom page then user clicks on offline widget?
    45. Docker and Live Helper Chat
    46. How to implement custom notification callback for started or closed chat?
    47. Drupal and live helper chat integration
    48. My users looses chat session then they navigate through the site, duplicate online users records
    49. How to implement login to LHC using third party logins providers (SimpleSAMLphp)?