3.00 Various small enhancements

Last modification: 2018-07-22 16:19:23

Hi all,

  1. Various bot enhancements. Attribute element.
  2. Option to setup automatic chat closing for active/pending/bot chats. Responsible 'cron php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/workflow'
  3. Additional data attribute included in XLS export
  4. Auto responder can send bot custom message.
  5. Video type for bot
  6. Allow to see generated bot syntax from bot builder interface
  7. Option to have auto uppercase sentences in operator interface.
  8. Rest api enhancements
  9. Option to set how long chat can be opened after he was closed.
  10. Show correct online status on widget minimization.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_175.sql

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