3.34 Canned messages UI

Last modification: 2020-05-06 06:42:09
  1. Canned messages new interface
  2. Passing variable has option to be persistent. It means variable in online visitors list will be preserved even if afterward it won't be passed.
  3. Offline messaging will respect priority and passed department.
  4. If NodeJS is enabled we should not be executing check messages call. Because NodeJS does that for us.
  5. Send Video in bot now supports iframes. So you can embed youtube video.
  6. If department was assigned to department group, operators max_chats limit was not respected.
  7. Rest API for adding user messages will return message data itself.
  8. Co-browsing new modal window for requesting screen share.
  9. Hash tag functionality for canned messages now has columns supports and left,right navigation between columns.
  10. New line were not respected if image was send in between operator messages.
  11. Canned messages has full HTML preview.
  12. RFC6265 Compatible cookie
  13. CLI Install update to recent version.
  14. Few fixes for PHP 7.4.5 compatibility.

And a lot of other small changes...

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