3.44v Security update and few other bits.

Last modification: 2020-09-28 10:11:46

Hi all.

  1. Fixed few XSS vulnerabilities found by @rekter0 (Discord), github
  2. (real) to (float) changes. Thanks to https://github.com/swidbert
  3. Widget will be shown as online if overload limit is reached, but there is bot setup in departmnet.
  4. Device type export in chat list.
  5. Updated GA tracking default template to sen event's to all installed site GA trackers.
  6. Canned messages import/export
  7. Draggable modals. Will remember position also.
  8. Bot text messages now can be send as system messages. Usefull to represent some information just to operators.
  9. Now in Rest API calls you can access any internal chat attribute.
  10. Adjusted widget loading workflow for slow internet cases.
  11. And many more small changes.


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