3.51v Departments statistic

Last modification: 2020-11-17 12:39:03


  • Departments statistic widget will have a new columns.
  • Bot chats - number of active bot chats
  • Load column - `hard limit` - `active chats` (`soft limit` - `active chats`)
  • `Hard limit` - is the sum of max chats value of logged operators who were active during last 5 minutes
  • `Active chats` - number of active chats in department or department group
  • `Soft limit` - is the sum of max chats of operators who were active during last 10 minutes.
  • Group chats list in departments statistic widget
  • If you have `php-resque` extension running. Departments statistic will be calculate in the background.
  • Changed background color of chat tab/left chat.
  • Rest API to fetch chat information https://api.livehelperchat.com/#/chat/get_restapi_chat__chat_id_
  • Check is audio is available on device.
  • Separate backend and frontend scripts. Performance improvement.
  • Frontend errors tracking in audit log. category - js, source - lhc. It has to be enabled in audit configuration.
  • Option to tell LHC are we running under proxy. Avoids faking IP address. https://doc.livehelperchat.com/docs/blocking/#live-helper-chat-does-not-detect-ip
  • If archived chat group chat table does not exists. Ignore.
  • Bot changes to handle previous process https://github.com/LiveHelperChat/livehelperchat/issues/1579
  • `Typing until` bot response fixes for a new widget.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_224.sql

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