3.56v Performance improvements

Last modification: 2020-12-04 14:26:23
  1. Chat export will have modal window dedicated to chat's export with subject and messages types inclusion.
  2. FB and Twilio extension has new documentation for easier understanding how to install. https://github.com/LiveHelperChat/twilio https://github.com/LiveHelperChat/fbmessenger
  3. Sandbox error for serviceWorker will be ignored. Edge case devices handling.
  4. You can have notifications for active chats which get's alert icon assigned
  5. You can now manual init widget JS and all it's dependencies https://doc.livehelperchat.com/docs/javascript-arguments/
  6. Notifications won't be shown if you have many pending chats and change sort
  7. If storing message fails we should show visitor what happened. So he can try again
  8. We should also keep his last message attempt
  9. Reduced number of renders checks in widget
  10. Translations performance/cache improvements
  11. You can override now also english translations - https://doc.livehelperchat.com/docs/language/#how-to-override-default-translations
  12. If sending message from a new widget fails we will show now message for a visitor.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_229.sql

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