3.57v Various changes

Last modification: 2020-12-09 14:03:43
  • New widget offline form will support file field now.
  • Webhook has option to set alternative scenario of conditions are not met.
  • Change how soft limit is calculated for department load statistic.
  • Popup was not showing offline form even argument was passed in embed code.
  • Dashboard open chats has sub-tabs instead of list one after another.
  • Start chat custom field settings was not setting required attribute if not first one was checked.
  • Webhooks conditions can be applied to standard events now.
  • JS API to send messages as visitor from third party JS.
  • Images will show download icon always.
  • If sending message to chat fails we will show an error to visitor.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_230.sql

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