3.94v - Many small improvements

Last modification: 2022-03-08 10:57:36


This version was released a few days ago, I just did not have a time to publish a news article :)

1. Block by the online user. Basically, it means a cookie-based block. Online visitor tracking has to be enabled.
2. Widget will automatically adjust the width, height on desktop devices.
3. Proactive invitation now can be expirable.
4. Online visitors widget will show read-only departments groups.
5. If the chat has remarks from previous chats tab will be highlighted.
6. Referer was passed incorrectly in so circumstances.
7. Security fixes
8. Added icons from the bot now is transaction wrapped.
9. In some cases Live Helper Chat did not return correct data for mobile app.
10. Canned messages statistic tab will have more export capabilities.
11. If the operator takes over a chat, we should terminate any previous information collection workflow.
12. Some refactoring to remove php-session dependency for anonymous visitors.
13. Proactive chat filter in chat list.
14. Commands should not be executed in whisper mode.
15. Subject add/remove events.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_266.sql

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