3.97v - Various fixes

Last modification: 2022-04-01 12:18:19
  • Search by phone.
  • Security fixes. Update highly recommended.
  • Improvements to dashboard request frequency.
  • Edge case widget hide/show scenario fixes. Was not possible to close the proactive invitation if the status widget was acting as a close button.
  • An operator will be in text grey (online operators widget) if he can't write to any department assigned.
  • Visitor hold option. You can pause autoresponder for the `visitor not replying` if you know that visitor will take time looking for info.
  • Delete action should wait until the request is done.
  • The mobile app supports live online/offline status monitoring.
  • The dashboard left column will be always visible on any other page of LHC. Possible to hide/show it.
  • Admin chat interface will render presented buttons for the visitors.
  • The audit log list will have a quick view option as a modal window.
  • The audit log will store all messages as JSON if not a string passed.
  • Online operator counter in the online operator's widget. Will show exact number of operator whois online and has write permission.
  • More complex `secrethash` value generation during install. I would suggest for the existing installation just write it a quite long complex string with various special characters.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_269.sql

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