4.27v - Widget improvements

Last modification: 2023-09-27 11:15:28
  1. Avoid flicker once chat is started for a new widget.
  2. Option to show clicked button name instantly in messages area. `Widget container -> Print button as a message as soon visitor clicks a button.`
  3. Incoming webhook `chat_external_id` field is now 100 chars instead of 50
  4. We will show visitor message as soon he clicks send.
  5. 8.2 php support, if you notice some errors let me know.
  6. Voice messages max length option from files configuration was ignored.
  7. Chrome 116v workaround for chrome bug.  Changes I did https://github.com/LiveHelperChat/livehelperchat/commit/b3649c5e936d4be08d1e004d8537ed47cd029aba chrome bug report. https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1473754 it should be fixed in 117v chrome release. Present workarounds
    1. Use firefox
    2. Update Live Helper Chat
    3. Use lower chrome version than 116
    4. Use an electron app https://github.com/LiveHelperChat/electron/releases
  8. Audit configuration window has a system information details
  9. Autoresponder cronjob cache issues fixes.
  10. Option to use visitor TZ or system TZ always for messages rendering if they have time based messages. Can be activated in widget themes.
  11. Geo detection test window.
  12. More variables for Rest API

For update just follow standard update procedure. For manual update it's update_298.sql

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