4.32v All around fixes

Last modification: 2024-03-12 15:24:56
  • Background delete workflow if you have a lot of mails to delete.
  • Active schedule for department was not working after migration to Svelte.
  • Mail delete scheduler. Usefull in case you want to delete hundreds of thousands of emails.
  • Widget images now has a size defined which avoids flickering while images are loading in the widget or in Live Helper Chat back office.
  • Telegram extension now supports commands from operator who is using telegram as a support client.
  • There is new permission to allow operator edit only last his message or all his messages per chat. By default he will be able to edit only last his message.
  • Proactive invitation now has URL filter and activity period.
  • Search in some pages were broken if # was used as search argument.
  • Now you can set Time Zone for the database. Usefull in case you want to set everywhere same time zone to avoid any issues.
  • Mailbox has more options for delete policy. Move mail or purge completely. Also delete can be activated for archive process.


For update just follow standard update procedure. For manual update it's update_303.sql

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