4.40v Various small fixes

Last modification: 2024-06-18 08:56:00
  1. Visitors statistic charts are now generated much faster using database implementation.
  2. Iframe bot response type now supports forms.
  3. If same department alias is used for multiple departments, online status check will use department sort priority.
  4. Canned messages hashtag list will indicate we hit limit and not all results are rendered.
  5. Page based invitations now can be combined with general ones. https://doc.livehelperchat.com/docs/proactive#how-to-setup-url-based-invitations
  6. Offline form submit will use very first passed department to match online chat logic.
  7. Operators will be to test notifications from their account.
  8. Various other fixes.

For update just follow standard update procedure. For manual update it's update_310.sql

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