After i have updated to 1.96v > I see strange variables instead of chats

Last modification: 2014-04-25 17:44:49

Most likely you have older version of unbrand extension and your page_footer.tpl.php is outdated. You have to

  • Make sure that pagelayouts/parts/page_footer.tpl.php content looks like

<div class="mt10">
    <div class="row mt10 footer-row">
        <div class="columns twelve">
            <p class="right"><a target="_blank" href="">Live Helper Chat &copy; <?php echo date('Y')?></a></p>
            <p><a href="<?php echo erLhcoreClassModelChatConfig::fetch('customer_site_url')->current_value?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars(erLhcoreClassModelChatConfig::fetch('customer_company_name')->current_value)?></a></p>

<?php include_once(erLhcoreClassDesign::designtpl('pagelayouts/parts/page_footer_js.tpl.php'));?>
<?php include_once(erLhcoreClassDesign::designtpl('pagelayouts/parts/page_footer_js_extension_multiinclude.tpl.php'));?>

To check what template is loaded enable debug output and disable cache. Easiest way just change page_footer.tpl.php last few lines.

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