Desktop client chat rooms

Last modification: 2013-01-25 22:00:44

Main work with desktop client is done through chat rooms window. To call this window click "Chats » Chat rooms

Afer clicking this menu item you will see chat rooms window.

This window you can maximize clicking Maximize button. Then you will can work with application like with single window.

Accepting new chats and transfers

Then new pending chat appear you will tooltip at the try icon.

Then transfer chat appears you will see similar tooltip to pending chat only text is different.

If you click tooltip to you will be shown separate window.

Chat rooms lists menu items

Chat rooms lists consists of several lists.

  • Pending chats
  • Transfered chats
  • Active chats
  • Closed chats


Pending chats

Pending chats menu provided below.

Functionality is identical described in web client documentation. Except one thing that there you can do one more thing. Open chat as separate window or docked window. Then chat is opened as separate window in taskbar you will see two task items instead of one. And if you open as internal window chat window will be docked inside application internal window.

As separate window screenshot

Internal window

Transfered chats

Transfered chats menu provided below.

Active chats

Active chats menu provided below.

Closed chats

Closed chats menu provided below.

Opening chat in different ways.

Chat also can be opened as tab.

In general there are free options to open tab.

  1. As tab
  2. As internal window
  3. As separate window

Window from tab and internal window can be transfered to separate window by clicking icon.


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