Forms module tutorial

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Forms module solves the following problems

  • You need a complex forms?
  • It has to implemented fast?
  • You need export in xls?
  • Users should be able to attatch a file?
  • You want to embed it in your site directly or have separate url for it?
  • Want to have order form for some of your simple services?

This custom forms module allows to do it all.

How do i know from what page form was filled?

Just pass additional variable to form "?identifier=<any_value>"

Form fields types

  • text
    • type
      • number
      • month
      • year
      • file
      • email
      • checkbox
  • combobox

text - field type

[[input||type=text||name=Name||name_literal=Name||placeholder=Your name||required=required||value=Same value]]

  • input - general form type [required]
  • type=text - general input type [required]
  • name=Name - system field name [required]
  • name_literal=Name - litearal form field name, used in validation error [required]
  • placeholder=Your name - placeholder for text field [optional]
  • required=required - is field required. [optional]
  • value=Some value - default field value [optional]

Subtypes notices

month - generates combobox from 1 till 12 month.


year - generates year combobox

[[input||type=year||from=1911||name=BirthYear||name_literal=Birth year||required=required]]

Additional options

  • from - from which year to generate [required]
  • till - till which year to generate [optional]

‚Äčnumber - requires value to be a number

email - requires submitted value to be a valid e-mail address

checkbox - checkbox type. If you wish it be preselected by default you can pass like [[input||type=checkbox||name=Ambulant||name_literal=Ambulant||value=checked]]

file - field for file upload

combobox - field type

If you want to generate range you can do that like that


If you want to have custom options you can do that with that

[[combobox||name=DisabilityDay||name_literal=Day||required=required||options=First option#Second option]]

Edit form explain

"Name for personal purposes" - form name. Visible then form is filled in a separate window E.g

Content - form content

Name attributes - what fields should be visible in collected data list.

Introduction attributes - what fields should be visible in collected data list. In a second column

XLS Columns - this field defines order of exported data in XLS list.

name=Name;attr_name=Name||name=Surname;attr_name=Surname||name=Email;attr_name=Email||name=Supporter Number;attr_name=SupporterNumber||name=Date of birth year;attr_name=BirthYear,-,BirthMonth,-,BirthDay||name=Home Phone;attr_name=HomePhone||name=Mobile;attr_name=MobilePhone||name=1st Line of Address;attr_name=LineOfAddress||name=Post code;attr_name=PostCode||name=Wheelchair;attr_name=Wheelchair||name=Ambulant;attr_name=Ambulant||name=Date on Proof;attr_name=DisabilityYear,-,DisabilityMonth,-,DisabilityDay||attr_name=file;name=File

There i should highlight few things. Each column definition has two attributes

  • name - name of the xls columns
  • attr_name - name of input field. column value can consist of multiple input names. DisabilityYear,-,DisabilityMonth,-,DisabilityDay

Recipient - email address of e-mail which user should get notification about newly filled form.

Post content after form is submitted - what message show to user after form is submitted.

Custom pagelayout - if you are building extension and it has it's own pagelayout you can define it there. E.g form, extensionpagelayout etc.

Active - is form active and users can fill it.

One of forms examples

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