How to change "Live Help is Online"/"Live Help is Offline" text?

Last modification: 2014-06-15 13:12:44

If you generating code for other language than english

In that case you can adust text in translations file. E.g we are generating for for "lit" language so we have to edit


Just edit file with any text editor and find "Live Help is Online" or "Live Help is Offline" and change it to any you want. After you replace file, you will have to clear cache in back office. Also bellow mentioned methods applies.

If you are generating code for english language

  • You can just create a theme and enter any text you want there, and in embed code generation window just choose your theme.
  • You can create an override of file "design/defaulttheme/tpl/lhchat/getstatus.tpl.php" how to create an override read there.


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