How to move chat from one location to another?

Last modification: 2014-02-01 05:51:55

Small tutorial how to move from one location to another location LHC instance.

  1. Dump/Export database. For example form phpmyadmin or any other database tool.
  2. Transfer chat folder from old location to new location.
  3. Import database to new server
  4. Disable cache

    'templatecache' => false,
    'templatecompile' => false,
    'modulecompile' => false,

  5. Update database settings in settings/settings.ini.php file

    'db' =>
        array (
          'host' => '<host>',
          'user' => '<username>',
          'password' => '<password>,
          'database' => '<database>',

  6. Make sure cache folder is writable
  7. Clear cache in back offce
  8. Enable caching by setting previous values to true
  9. That's all basically

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