How to Report a bug properly?

Last modification: 2014-06-29 06:33:08

This should be usefull for all users, who are trying to report a bugs, but the only response from me they get "it works/invalid" Here is some information how properly report a bug.

Follow this template for bug report 

  1. Description [Mandority]
  2. Embed code, you can ommit your domain [Mandority]
  3. Steps to Reproduce [Mandority]
  4. Actual Results [Mandority]
  5. Expected Results [Mandority]
  6. Used extensions and their configuration, logs of extension work E.g NodeJS extension can print it's status to console log [Optional]
  7. Version, Platform and OS [Optional]
  8. Error output/or Screenshot [Optional]
  9. Live Helper Chat cookies/SessionStorage/PersistentStorage content [Optional]


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