How to setup round robin/automatic chats assignment workflow?

Last modification: 2014-06-07 16:06:40


To user explicitly has to be assigned department. It's not enough just check all departments. Near each department have to be checked department.

Department adjustment

You have in department "Auto assignment" secion enable automatic chats transfer.

Users adjustment

By default users sees all pending department chats. To disable that and show only to him assigned pending chats you have to

  • Edit user and in "Pending chats" tab, uncheck "User can see all pending chats, not only assigned to him"
  • By default operators do not have permission to choose what pending chats they can see. You can grant permission to choose them personally what list he want's to see. Assigned to operators role permission
  • "lhuser" => "allowtochoosependingmode" | "Users, groups management" => "Allow user to choose what pending chats he can see, only assigned to him or all."

That's it.

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