New version 1.38v, pro active chat invitation!

Last modification: 2013-07-15 19:29:08


  1. Pro active chat invitations
  2. Detect bots in online users to avoid them appear in online users list
  3. Option to delete online user record from online users list.

Bug fixes:

  1. If in FAQ widget answer is very big it hides under browser window. I have added rule for scrollbar if height is more than 200px.

execute doc/update_db/update_26.sql and follow standard upgrade instructions

Demo also was updated. Demo now has two scenarious then this page will show message to user. If user opens more than 5 pages or spends more than 5 minits on site. If you use this superb product for commercial purposes please don't forget to donate :) You can also send me testimonial and I will add it. New I ques we have almoust all features many commercial solutions has and the main thing we are free and open source.

P.s Do not expect new version tomorrow :D

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