New version 2.33v

Last modification: 2015-06-13 20:07:11

After almost a month a maintenence release with a lot of small changes.

  1. Transfered chats as widget.
  2. Updates required for XMPP support.
  3. New algorithm for sound and notifications. Sound stops after pending chat is gone.
  4. Option to delete pending chat instantly.
  5. Position queue.
  6. Option to set automatically checkd Terms Of Service checkbox
  7. Desktop client will show only only visitors which user has permission to see.
  8. E-mail templates supports {chat_id}
  9. Permission UX
  10. Optimizations for excel generation
  11. Option to hide right column in frontpage.
  12. Department XMPP recipients column change to text
  13. Statistic improvements.

This versions does not require any database update. In any case you can check for that in Updatre information window. This version is required to be able to use XMPP plugin.

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