New version 2.88v - chat duration calculation improvements

Last modification: 2018-02-16 14:11:28


  1. Chat now have chat start time, it's different time than chat creation time. It may be different if chat is closed and later reopened by visitor. This situation can happen also with telegram chats and facebook chats. This change will allow us to have correct chat wait time based on time then chat became pending.
  2. Changed chat duration algorithm. Now chat duration will be based not on first and last message times. But on intervals between messages. You can also set timeouts. there will be option to set two timeouts. In chat configuration -> Misc. At the bottom.
    1. Timeout how long visitor can wait for a operator message before time between messages are exclude.
    2. Timeout how long operator can wait for a visitor message before time between messages are exclude.
  3. More emoji conversion from text. Supported are :), :D:, :D, :(, :o:, :o, :p:, :p, ;), ;(, :x, :*, ;*, :/
  4. Fixed duplicate messages on window focus. Seems in rare cases then window was focused customer could receive same message twice if there was any pending message from operator.
  5. There is new chart in statistic secion which tells average chat's per hour. Previously it just summarized total number of chats per hour. Now it divides this number by chosen interval to have average.

For update just follow standard update procedure For manual update it's update_163.sql

P.s Automated hosting also was updatd :)

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