PostgreSQL support

Last modification: 2014-02-08 21:01:01

Live Helper Chat also supports PostgreSQL here is instructions how to switch from MySQL to PostgreSQL


  1. Download postgresql branch from github
  2. Change these settings in settings/settings.ini.php file
    1. Change secret hash value to 'secrethash' => '7702888d11',
    2. In 'db' section add 'search_path' => 'public',
    3. Change other database settings. It should look like for example
      1. 'host' => 'localhost',
      2. 'user' => '<username>',
      3. 'password' => '<username>',
      4. 'database' => 'lhc_install',
      5. 'search_path' => 'public',
      6. 'port' => 5432,
    4. Change installed value to true 'installed' => true,
  3. Make sure php can write to these folders. If what just chmod them
    1. cache/
    2. settings/settings.ini.php
    3. var/userphoto
    4. var/storage
  4. Like PostgreSQL version of Live Helper Chat does not have a install script. Import default database from doc/postgresql/postgreql.sql
    1. Example command psql -h localhost -d lhc_install -U postgres -f postgresql.sql
  5. Enter site url index.php/site_admin/ login window should be present
    1. Login: admin
    2. Pass: demo
  6. If you have logged succesfully again edit settings/settings.ini.php file and enable cache
    1. 'templatecache' => true,
    2. 'templatecompile' => true,
    3. 'modulecompile' => true,
  7. While being logged change secret hash value to any random string and change password in back office.
  8. Have fun! that's all :)


At this stage PostgreSQL support is experimental and need more testing. After few weeks it should be stable. Please test it if you can.

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