SugarCRM extension

Last modification: 2015-04-27 18:47:59

LHC 2.30v now has extension for SugarCRM integration. Extension can be found here


  • PHP Soap module
  • Live Helper Chat since 2.30v


  • Put sugarcrm folder in LHC extension folder. So it would look like
    • lhc_web/extension/sugarcrm/bootstrap....
  • Enable extension in settings.ini.php file. 'extensions' => array ( 'sugarcrm', ),
  • Clean cache from back office.
  • From top menu go to Extra Modules => SugarCRM
  • Just configure and use

In chat window will be new tab SugarCRM there you can create/update existing SugarCRM Lead.

P.s it's compatible with automated hosting :) Just activate it in client instance and that's all.

Also may find usefull this forum topic

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