Automated hosting plugin, open source

Last modification: 2015-07-24 19:05:25

Author: Live Helper Chat

This includes only automation plugin and API which will have to be called from your frontend site if you decide to do it. It also allows to create instances directly from manager interface. This plugin does not include frontend site, you will have to make integration with API by yourself. This plugin is dedicated for web agencies and some experience with programming is required. If you will need commercial support during installation and configuration you can order commercial support, or ask help in google forum.

How does it works?

You will have manager interface where you can create instances for your clients



What for this plugin is usefull?

For any web agency looking for option to rent it to their clients without requirement to install it every time. Save time and focus on sales.

By what paremeter customers are limited?

Plugin limits clients functionality just by number of request they issue (http requests) and time the request package expires. You can manage all clients in manager interface.

How do you handle different instances?

Each instance get's it's own database. Also uploaded files structure is different and instance id is appended to file path.

What are requirements?

VPS with ssh access. It can be dedicated or virtual server with linux os.

Do you do installation and configuration

Yes I do. 600$ single time fee. SSH logins will have to be provided. Permission to remove meta tag is not included in the price although combining these two I can make some significant discount. I also suggest to take a look at this commercial offer. This offer also includes NodeJS extension installation also Co-Browsing NodeJS installation.

Some settings in default version are stored in settings.ini.php file won't there be a mess if multiple users will edit settings/settings.ini.php file

Extension avoids this problem by storing custom user settings in their own instances and their database. There is not going any settings/settings.ini.php modifications after installation.

I have update translations in my language but i still see english?

You have to clear cache from console by executing "php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/clear_cache"

What is included in plugin?

  1. Customer site plugin
  2. Instance site plugin
  3. Cronjobs, includes shell example

Does this extension has api to automate new customers creation?

Yes it does. There is api to create new instances. API class on github

Does this extension supports Direct Admin for database handling?

Yes it does.

Can I provide all parameters usign API for new instance which I see creating instance from back office?

Yes you can.

Does this plugin support NodeJS extension?


I have purchased automated hosting snapshot from you how to upgrade?

Just execute these commands. And everything will be upgraded

cd /var/www/admin/automated-hosting && git pull origin master
cd /var/www/manager/ && git pull origin master
cd /var/www/client/lhc_web && git pull origin master
cd /var/www/manager/lhc_web && php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/update_database
cd /var/www/manager/lhc_web && php cron.php -s site_admin -e instance -c cron/update_structure 
cd /var/www/manager/lhc_web && php cron.php -s site_admin -e instance -c cron/update_instances
cd /var/www/manager/lhc_web && php cron.php -s site_admin -e instance -c cron/extensions_update
cd /var/www/manager/lhc_web && php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/clear_cache

cd /var/www/client/lhc_web && php cron.php -s site_admin -c cron/util/clear_cache

Support project

Developing application takes a lot of time. You can support application by donating. There is no company behind this application and it takes away my free time. Every donation matters and does not matter how small it is!

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