XMPP, GTalk, Xabber, Monal configuration and support

Last modification: 2014-09-22 17:59:38

Since 1.65v we support XMPP protocol.

Plain XMPP settings

OAuth based settings

By default app is preconfigured for GTalk support. So you just have to enter your E-mail address and password and you are ready to go or just test. Some notices regarding XMPP implementation and apps.

GTalk - anrdoid

  • GTalk does not support messages to self. That means, that XMPP should contain another mail account (GMail account) than Live Helper Chat responsible user.

Xabber - android

  • It supports messages to self, so that means that this section e-mail and E-mail who will receive a messages can be the same.

Monal - IPhone, IPod

  • It supports messages to self.

You have to configure department to send XMPP messages. Check XMPP messages, enter recipients, and adjust how many seconds to wait untill xmpp message is send.



  • How do you determine to what e-mail message should be send (XMPP)?
    • First I check does department has assigned E-mail
    • If there is no assigned E-mails i just send very first user in system, in most cases it's just an admin.
  • I do not receive a messages what to do?
    • If you are using different accounts one for sender XMPP and another one for recipient, make sure that receipient can receive a messages from send. Usually it's just enough to add to contacts another account.
    • If you are using GTalk mobile client make sure that sender and receiver are the different accounts.
    • While configuring switch to old gtalk interface
    • after you do that. You should see a chat request. After that you can switch back to new hangout interface.
  • I heard that google has dropped xmpp support?
    • google has dropped support communication support between two xmpp servers, but not between two gmail accounts. So this feature 100% working.
  • I receive a error saying "Could not connect before timeout"
    • That means that your server does not allow remote connections to 5222 port.
  • Then i enter a my gmail password i receive Auth Failed, what to do?
  • When does the messages are send?
  • How do I obtain a "OAuth 2.0 Client ID" and "Client secret"?
  • I receive test message but do not receive a real xmpp message?
    • Try to clear cache, make sure that department has all the required settings for xmpp notifications.

Support project

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